Istanbul – Number 1 destination for the sex business?

Istanbul is a vibrant city bursting with energy and atmosphere so tangible you can almost touch it.  Istanbul is rapidly becoming one of the global hotspots not only for major business deals but also the sex industry.  And it’s easy to see why; with an amazing nightlife and an abundance of beautiful women, it is really the ideal place to mix business with pleasure.  After all, all work and no play does not bring out the best of you in the boardroom or in those important meetings. 
One of the main reasons why Istanbul has become an epicenter of the sex industry is the fact that this magnificent city spans two continents, therefore we have far more beautiful women at our disposal and available for you.  Of course we have homegrown Turkish beauties, with their hourglass figures and sultry eyes as dark as the night, pure seduction on sight. We have an abundance of young and fresh eastern European escorts, keen to please, with bodies firm and ripe, ready for the picking.  We also have many Russian escorts with unbelievable bodies, firm tits and perfect asses, enough to drive any crazy with desire.

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