As Istanbul VIP Escort Agency we want to simplify the reservation process as easy as it can be. We give you many choices and you can choose any of them and we can book you chosen escort for the time frame you wanna.You can book any of the female escort advertised on our web site for one hour, two hours ,overnight or for a weekend.You can check the availability of the escort girl with our operator and you can make your reservation.Cause sometimes some of the girls do not have open availability.In these cases our operator can tell you other options which you can be interested or you can tell him/her your second or third choices.Below we explain why you should make your reservation in advance and which details we want from you.
How should i make my reservation ? 
If you choose one girl and now you are ready to make a reservation.Reservation process is so easy.We offer 3 ways that you can make your booking. 
Fastest way is to send us an SMS 
Second one is to call us our operator will guide you through the process.
Third one is booking via e-mail.
What ever you choose above you should add these details below ;
Your name - which you made check in 
Hotel name and room no - We need full hotel details cause many of the chains have 2-3 hotels in Istanbul and we dont wanna waste your time and our time searching for the right adress. 
Adress : If you are leaving in the cental Istanbul in a residance we can send the escort girl to your adress. We need your full adress and telephone number
Telephone number : We need your mobile number which we can reach you incase of need
Which city - Cause we have service in ISTANBUL - ANKARA & ANTALYA 
Time & duration of the meeting : Let us know how many hours you wanna book and what time you want her to be at your adress or residance.
Our operators will guide you during the booking process and they will be happy to assist you which girls will be suitable for your needs. All our operators speaks fluently English.If you dont have problem with time we can tell you what time your chosen escort girl will be free to meet you. 
If you have lots of time or if you are thinking to have a visit soon to TURKEY, we are serving to cities Istanbul, capital Ankara and beautiful Antalya. Then you can send us an e-mail to have detailed information. With in 24 hours one of our team member will reply. We have also online booking for which you can use easily.To make your booking via mail we need your telephone number, hotel details, room no, how many hours you wanna book her and what time you wanna meet. After you send us all these details we will check if all these information is right or wrong.We will give you a call from your hotel room no if you are in the room or no.If its a wrong number given we wont confirm the meeting.If all the information provided is right then we will confirm the meeting. There can be delays cause of heavy during the rush hours around 5-6-7-8 pm.So thanks in advance for your kind understanding. 
During the booking process we will confirm the rates and taxi expenses. Taxi expenses will be charged separetely. For european side hotels till Ataturk airport 30 EUR, after airport 50 EUR  and for asian side hotels we charge 50 EUR. The prices can vary from escort girl to girl. The rates are set by the escort ladies and you are paying for her time.We are trying to give you the perfect service and we want you to treat our girls like a lady. We wrote everything into small details just to avoid missunderstandings. 

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