Why you should make your reservation in advance ?

We have the most beautiful escort girls in Istanbul and over years we have a huge portfolio consisting from local and international businesmen. As we work clearly over the last years our costumers comes again and again. Especially at weekends we are having difficulty to answer all the telephone calls. Or if you reach us we dont have availability. To avoid such problems you can make your reservation in advance. Some of our escorts working part time some have normal job during the day time.
Cause of such reasons better to call and check availability. If you are flexible with time sure we can set an appointment with the girl you wanna. If you wanna extent your booking while you are with our escort lady you should call or send us an SMS to check if its possible or no.If yes how much you should pay her. Always be in touch with the agency as you are not dealing with an independent escort. Do not forget she can have an appointment after yours. We are waiting to hear from you soon. We can arrange a charming escort lady for you and you can hit the town together.
Call or send us an SMS or fill our contact form or just send us an e-mail with your details.

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